Toast Trip: India

Discover the faded grandeur of Chettinad's mansions on this Tamil Nadu guided tour

Announcing a trip to the heart of South India, Tamil Nadu. Just eight guests on an immersive cultural journey during 14 days, staying in the finest hotels.

Visit ancient temples. Cook with villagers in their home. Experience a classical Indian dance performance. Meet textile weavers, religious scholars and a culinary historian. Have lunch with architects in their restored Chettinad mansion. Shop for block-print cottons, antique bronzes, Indian miniature paintings and enamel dishes.

I created this trip to share my love of South India. The itinerary is thoughtfully designed to introduce guests to the beauty and charm of the country. We won't rush around to see all the sites. We won't stress about "missing out." We won't follow the guide book. Instead, we'll accumulate encounters and sensations, exploring a range of places and excursions, each adding a layer of understanding and delight.

When I travel, I want to feel transformed and enchanted. I want to meet the people, eat their foods, hear their music. I also want to sleep well and have time to linger and reflect.

Join me for a trip of a lifetime. January 28 - February 11, 2020

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